About me, and this blog.

I’m someone who loves computation, technology, and maths. Given that, I’m becoming increasingly dismayed by the direction in which we seem (as an industry) hell bent on pushing technology. With an anti-intellectual thrust that would put the alt-right to shame, we seem keen to throw out any lessons from the past, and discard rigour for cargo culting at every opportunity. The rise of broken languages like Javascript, out-of-memory compile errors on 4GB systems, security-free IoT devices, and the like show the downward spiral that we’ve put ourselves in.

In an effort to avoid a complete mental breakdown and screaming at people over the internet, I though it might be worth trying to write down some of my thoughts in a blog-like structure, readable by anyone. Although my identity is perfectly discoverable (a quick whois would suffice), I’m purposefully not splashing it on this page or any other in order to give myself as much editorial freedom as possible.

The name

I enjoy Ian M Bank’s books, and particularly the names of the ships in the culture series. I picked the name of one ship in particular as the name of this site as a) the domain was available, and b) it felt nice on the tongue.

Swing dancing

I also enjoy swing dancing, and have opinions about it. To save my friends from having to listen to my inane rambling, I might stick those opinions here.

It’s a win win situation: I get to scream into the void, and they don’t have to listen to my drivel.